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PDMA-SE founding partners have met to create an innovative association, which believes to attain its objectives through the launch and the management of visionary projects. PDMA-SE brand is called to represent a high level idea of product innovation, in which creativity and design capability are coached and protected in their challenging path toward a global knowledge network.

Business Community

We want to establish a new reference for the business community of our territory by launching and managing projects enabling in every way product innovation and creativity.
We would like to side with business organizations and to integrate vertical skills in a system vision, implying a new wave of development in competences and behaviors.

We wish to favor the growth of a local competence network able to affect the culture of product innovation at global level.
We want to play an active role to promote the interaction of different professional competences and know-how’s, and to profit of this knowledge sharing to develop advanced schemes of education and communication.



  • Increase the growth of the membership in all the regions with the aim of matching the American level of numbers and activity.
  • Organize and value the special cultural characteristics and contributions in different regions of the territory.
  • Give every person involved in Product Development and Management an association where share and increase his/her knowledge, and to develop an awareness about the special role that the “innovators” will have in the next economic cycle, whatever the skill and position of each one.
  • Take into special account the problems and the opportunities arising from thousands of small-medium enterprises; 90 percent of all European enterprises have fewer than 10 employees.
  • Favour the development of a revised “management toolkit” for a knowledge economy, engaged in a global competition based mainly on New Product Development.


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